What is Kygung?

I.S.M.A. Kygung

The “Work with the life energy” is a Chinese meditation, concentration and movement form for the cultivation of body and mind, which also includes health aspects of I.S.M.A.-WyngTjun.

Practice includes breathing exercises, body and movement exercises, concentration exercises and meditation exercises. The exercises serve to enrich and harmonize the Qi, the life energy. In China, the harmonious handling of the Qi, its strengthening and its unimpeded flow in the body are regarded as a prerequisite for health and vitality.

Kygung und WyngTjun

Many movements of the I.S.M.A.-WyngTjun also belong to the I.S.M.A. Kygung. These century-old experiences are used to restore the muscular balance in the shortest possible time.

In I.S.M.A.-Kygung movement patterns are practiced, which are to be trained over a long period of time in order to reprogram the body permanently. These are defined movements, in which a mobile stretching force takes place. All physical and mental functions are approaching the level of good health. In the motion body of humankind, everything is connected. The muscles play the key role of controlling the vital organs and, above all, the brain.