GM Hans Remmel

GM Hans Remmel

  • Founder, Leader and international head coach of I.S.M.A
    Grandmaster of I.S.M.A.-WyngTjun and Escryma
  • WyngTjun training since 1982
  • Escryma training since 1986
  • Professional instructor since 1989
  • Sifu since 1991
  • Dai-Sifu since 2003
  • Grandmaster since 2011
  • Trained personal protector
  • Trainer of police and military units
  • Experience in several combat sports

“Martial art is movement, search for perfection and harmony.” – GM Hans Remmel

My Way to WyngTjun and Escryma

My training started at the age of 14. At home, sandsack, running, technique and strength training were on the agenda. In 1982 I found a WyngTjun school in Gummersbach and contacted Sihing Leo Czech.

In 1985, I became a WyngTjun instructor and had a desire to teach at the time.
In 1986 I opened my first academy in Engelskirchen. This was followed by further classes. I became the 1.TG. at WyngTjun in 1986 and in the same year I started with the Escryma-Training.
Three years later, I became professional instructor and a full-time martial arts teacher.

In 1991, I was appointed Sifu and head coach for Luxembourg. With the help of my pupil and friend Sifu Uwe Lieske, several academies were founded there. With my pupil and partner Sifu Andreas Geller, I took over the office of the Landestrainer for Brazil in 1995.

In 2002, I became Dai-Sifu with the 6th PG championship in the EWTO and received the 3rd DT in the Escryma. In 2000, I went to Los Angeles to attend an important lesson with Leung Ting, Keith Kernspecht, Rene Latosa and Bill Newman.

After 30 years of martial arts training, I decided together with my instructor team in April 2006 to found a separate martial art family. The name of this new organization is: International Society of Martial Arts – I.S.M.A.

My goal for the future is to educate many good I.S.M.A.-WyngTjun and Escryma-students all over the world and develop me as a martial artist and teacher.

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