From pupil to master

The Escryma feducation of the I.S.M.A. is divided into different degrees, from pupil to master. With each degree, new techniques are learned and content is trained.
The student learns how to deal with a stick, two sticks, nerve stick / unarmed, stick-knife combinations, machete, longer sticks, the use of Tonfa, defence against several attackers, longstock and stress control. By passing all the SG.- examinations, he / she qualifies as a technician.

Student degree

Degree Exercise


  1. -4. grade single stock
schuelergrad_5schuelergrad_6 5. – 6. grade dual stocks
schuelergrad_7 7. grade nerve stock, short everyday objects, unarmed
schuelergrad_8     8. grade stick / knife, knife, gentle-control techniques / knife
schuelergrad_9 9. grade longer sticks (70-80 cm)
schuelergrad_10 10. grade Tonfa / several attackers
schuelergrad_11 11. grade double stick special situation, high school
schuelergrad_12 12. grade double, long, stresstest, 5 min. Demo – 3 weapon types

Technician degree

Degree Exercise
technikergrad_1    1. TG Longstock + Applications, Longstockdrills, Longstockstickgrab, Doppelstockdrills + Applications, All Blocks on the left, Sparring exercises
technikergrad_2 2. TG Tonfa Police” Form, Tonfa Drills, Double Head Drills + Applications, Sparringsübungen
technikergrad_3 3. TG knife shape, knife drills, knife / Kris / Kampilan / Kalasag applications, sparring exercises
technikergrad_4 4. TG sword / shield-form + applications, sword / shield drills, Espada y Daga-Drills + Applications, Sparringsübungen

Master degree

Degree Exercise
technikergrad_5 5. MG Espada-Form + Applications, Espada y Daga-Form + Applications, Espada y Daga-Drills, Sparringsübungen, Counter to all
meistergrad_6 6. MG Lance / Shield Form + Applications, Lance / Shield Drills, Sparringsübungen, Counter to all
meistergrad_7 7. MG Double Espada Form, Double Espada Drills, Sparringsübungen, Counter to all
meistergrad_8 8. MG Repeat and deepen all programs

Grandmaster degree

Degree Exercise
grossmeistergrad_9  9.
repetition and deepening of all programs
grossmeistergrad_10   10. GM GM repetition and deepening of all programs
grossmeistergrad_11 11. GM GM Repeat and deepen all programs
grossmeistergrad_12 12. GM This degree is an unattainable ideal and is therefore only awarded after the posthumous death